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Dj Avi revach has been a dj, producer and remixer for 22 years.

Avi's music ranges from chill out & world music through organic house to ethno house and ethno techno.

Avi was born and raised in a neighborhood of new immigrants from all over the world, where he was exposed to a great variety of music brought by the new immigrants from their countries.

Avi studied music from the age of 10 at school, he started by learning drums and went on to piano and fell in love with ethnic and Indian music and began to learn their different and unique instruments.

In Avi's music you can find the Middle East, the Balkans, Turkey, India and even touches from Jamaica.

Avi is signed on various labels from around the world including:
Tibetania Records, Cafe de anatolia, Planet Ibiza Music, Three records (uk), World sound and more.

Avi plays in clubs, festivals and pubs and his sets range from organic house to ethnic techno, a musical journey around the world from the tribal rhythms of Africa, through the unique instruments of the Middle East to touches from North America.

Avi is currently working on a live show called Supertonic Project which combines musicians with instruments from all over the world and electronic instruments.

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